Dog Boarding Center Kinolog

A dog boarding center is like a summer camp. Only it’s for dogs and open all year round. If you are looking for pet boarding services in Kharkiv, the dog boarding center Kinolog has its doors wide open for you and your pet.

Here is what you can expect from our staff:

  1. Years-long experience training, breeding, and dogs care.
  2. Knowledge of how to treat an animal the right way and satisfy all its needs.
  3. Love of all kinds of dogs: large, small, pedigree, or mongrel!

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Zoo hostel price in Kharkiv

ServiceRate without training (UAH)
Small dogs boarding200 per 24h
Medium dogs boarding250 per 24h
Large dogs boarding300 per 24h

Including training: +100 UAH per 24h

Including feeding: +50 UAH per 24h

*Ask the manager about long-term dog boarding discounted rates.

Rates for dog boarding with behavior correction:




Aggressive behavior correction (UAH), from


Domestic behavior correction (UAH), from

Behavior correction400 per 24h300 per 24h

Our Conditions

Your dog will feel right at home.

Your dog will be walked at least three times a day (normally our dogs are walked four times a day).

Physical activity and exercises, even if the package you’ve signed up for doesn’t include training. Our experienced staff members will give your dogs simple exercises to strengthen joints, increase muscle mass, and improve mental abilities.

A positive atmosphere. Our staff is composed of kind-hearted, amiable dog specialists who will treat your dog with warmth and care.

Other dogs. Even if your dog displays a negative attitude toward other dogs, being around the dogs who clearly show that they’re not going to hurt your pet will let it feel more confident during a walk.

Watch this video about our center to become convinced that your dog will feel comfortable here:


Before a holiday or a long trip, dog owners, especially those with large dogs, are often faced with a dilemma: to leave their pet with one of their acquaintances or at a specialized animal boarding center. The home boarding option might be cheaper, but trying to save money in this way is not the best idea. Ensuring appropriate feeding and care for your dog is only part of the solution. Your dog’s security and comfort are also crucial.

A dog hostel KINOLOG provides a completely different type of service. What counts most here is the professionalism of the people who are going to look after your pet while you’re away. When you choose the professional dog training school Kinolog, you talk over all the details of your dog’s boarding at once: how many times a day it will be walked and fed, and whether there will be only physical exercises or some behavioral training as well.

You discuss all these matters prior to leaving your dog at the center. Professional dog boarding offers a lot of benefits for the dog itself:

  • Dog handling by experienced specialists
  • Veterinary supervision and timely help when it’s required
  • A strict schedule that contributes to a healthy, comprehensive development of the dog
  • Socializing and interaction with other dogs
  • Fresh air, walks around a territory specifically designated for dogs
  • Walks, physical activity, and training exercises
  • Comfortable and cozy kennels

Leave your pet at the dog boarding center Kinolog in Kharkiv to secure comfortable conditions, proper care, and training for it by our experienced dog specialists.

Boarding with Training: The Best Solution for Busy Owners

Sooner or later, any dog owner has to go away, parting with their dog for a few days or even weeks. However, a dog whose owner is away needs more than just good feeding. It also requires plenty of exercise, walks, games, and the most important thing – care. So should you cancel your outing, vacation, renovation, or business trip? Not every acquaintance will agree to provide boarding for a dog, especially if it’s a large animal and not just a small lap-dog.

Do you want to have an obedient dog without having to spend too much time on its training?

It makes no difference if you have a puppy or mature dog who has already shown problem behavior – our dog boarding center has a place for everyone. This type of boarding is convenient both for the owner and their pet. The dog gets a program of all the required physical activities and behavior training in addition to the regular boarding service. You, in turn, get free time and confidence in the end result.

Almost every dog needs physical activity and exercises. Without those, a dog gets bored and directs its unspent energy to everything that surrounds it, including its owner. You can’t just leave things as they are. If the dog grows up to be disobedient, everyone will be in trouble. The best option in a situation like this is to combine boarding your dog with training. Your pet will be well-fed, active, and obedient.

Our dog handlers have wide experience working with both puppies and mature dogs. The dog boarding center Kinolog will convert even a huge, unruly beast into a docile, amiable “man’s best friend.” The staff of the center loves dogs and understands how important a good, humane attitude is for a gentle animal behavior correction. You can inquire about your pet’s progress and how the training classes are going whenever you want.

Respect for every dog’s personality is our top priority. So, combining your dog’s boarding at our center with training, you may not worry about your pet.


Of course, any dog feels more comfortable at home, near the people who love it. If you have to part with your pet for some time, though, there are no reasons to worry. The staff of our dog boarding center won’t let your pet feel lonely, forgotten, or improperly cared for.

The food for your dog is paid for separately or provided by the owner for the entire dog’s stay at the center. If you’ve only recently got your pet and don’t know what kind of food suits it best yet, our staff will help you make the right choice. The optimal amount of food is determined in accordance with the individual characteristics of the dog or its breed.

Leaving your dog at the dog boarding center Kinolog for the duration of your holiday, you can be absolutely confident that your pet will be safe and sound. We guarantee that upon your return your dog will be in top shape and ready for active life together with its beloved owner!

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